Mickey Tries to Cook
Studio: Disney Television Animation Release Date : October 2, 1999 Series: Mickey Mouse
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When Mickey discovers Minnie has fallen for a guy who can cook, he tries to make a fancy dinner to win her back.


Mickey Mouse
(Voice: Wayne Allwine)
Minnie Mouse
(Voice: Russi Taylor)
(Voice: Bill Farmer)
Jose Carioca
(Voice: Denis Martell)

Included in:

Goofy's Menu Magic


Mickey MouseWorks (Season 1, Episode 12)



Mickeys Spassfabrik


Walt Disney's Rigolons avec Mickey

United Kingdom

Walt Disney's Laugh Factory with Mickey

Technical Specifications

Original Language: English
Original Country: United States

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From Patrick Malone :

Jose Carioca gets to return in this short, but you have to wonder exactly what he's doing here. He never had a reputation as a gourmet cook before, so there's not really anything to reference that new aspect of his personality to. He's also not given too much to do here, and is completely subdued if you compare this to his previous scenes in "Three Caballeros." Given some of Monty Python's contribution to the voices in MMW, I halfway expected to begin hearing "spam, spam, spam, spam, spam" when Mickey begain telling about his "ham, ham, tomato, cheese, ham, and tomato" sandwiches. Stiil it was an enjoyable enough average short.

From J. D. Weil :

In the world of gourmet cooking, Julia Child has nothing to fear from Mickey Mouse. It's all because of Minnie growing tired of Mickey's ham, cheese and tomato club sandwiches and then asking for some fancier fare especially when she seems to fall for Jose` Carioca who claims he can cook (which is something I've yet to see). Well, Mickey's attmpts at gourmet cooking turn into a predictable disaster but some how everything turns out all right at the end.

Carioca doen't come off as well as he did in this cartoon as he did in in his previous appearances, perhaps it's the lack of a good musical score that's needed here. But I did like the twist at the end of the short.

From Davey-kins :

Once again, Mickey attempts to make something above his Dagwood-style sandwitches (with cheese) and once again, the kitchen takes a pounding! Something tells me that putting all that stuff in the microwave would've sent his house into orbit when you put into account the stuff he threw in there, and no, I won't spoil you with the entire list! Mickey should be glad the room wasn't covered with cookie dough this time.

From Juan F. Lara :

I liked the setup of this short. Mickey's sandwiches and Minnie's frustration with them was a sendup of the "bland" image people have of Mickey Mouse. I laughed a lot at the supermarket scene. I had been wanting to see Jose Carioca in a new cartoon as he's a personal favorite character. His flirting with Minnie was endearing, as was Mickey's distress at seeing that.

But Mickey's scene in the kitchen, the main part of the short, was just mindless slapstick. In having the cookbook pages get mixed up the makers used a cliched means of making Mickey mess up. The gags were arbitrary. No real reason for the oven to blow up for instance.

The short got better with Mickey's argument with Minnie after the explosion. I liked the continuity they set up here, with Mickey and Minnie not meeting Jose until now. (DYN: Neither Mouse pronounced Jose's first name right.) But the last gag was a contrived attempt at irony. Still, Mickey's reaction to Jose's meal was funny because it was so in character.

From Lee Suggs :

This short has a good premise, and it was good to see Jose Carioca again. (My Brazilain exchange students tell me that Jose is based on an actual Brazilian folk character.) That said this short seems a little forced. Mickey seemed to be more of an airhead, than he normally is, and I can't believe he'd have so much trouble cooking. (After all he's lived by himself for almost 72 years.) However, the short does have some nice scenes, (Mickey's house blowing off the earth) and I thought the ending was funny.

From Eric Lehmann :

One of the funniest episodes I've ever seen. First up, there was a guy who serves ham and cheese club sandwiches. Minnie is tired of them, so she has Mickey cook. First up, the fan blows off the pages, with Mickey following the misinterpretations. Then, he combines everything in a casserole. Then BAMMO! The house is rocketed sky high. At the end, there was this guy again. It's extremely humorous. I give it two thumbs up!

From Aaron :

A fun cartoon about the perils of cooking. I was very suprised to see Jose in this cartoon! I also never knew that he could cook. I liked the plot a whole lot. It was HILARIOUS to see Minnie's reaction to Mickey's sandwich. The kitchen part was also funny, but not as funny as the ending. And is it just me or did Mickey seem more pushy than usual?

From Mick Mouse :

Loved this short! Oh, and Rob Paulsen does Jose's voice.

From Matthew Cooper :

This short brought back Jose Carioca after his last apperance in The Three Cabelleros which was years before this cartoon. It felt really good to see him again, but now I'm wating for Paunchito the Rooster (Jose's companion in The Three Cabelleros) to re-appear.

From Bryan Hensley :

This is one of those Mickey MouseWorks/House of Mouse shorts that looks different from most of the other new shorts. Mickey sure loves to put together his "cheese, ham, ham, ham, tomato, ham and tomato sandwiches, with cheese", even though Minnie hated that idea. I never knew Jose Carioca to be a gourmet cook, and that's what caused Mickey to make his own gourmet food, rather crazily thanks to his small fan in the kitchen. You don't cook metal stuff in a microwave, for crying out loud! Once Minnie saw Mickey's house blow off the Earth and back, she couldn't help but not believe Mickey's fibs about what happened to the whole house. Thank goodness Minnie got her relationship with Jose straightened out to Mickey. He was making them a gourmet dinner for two later on. It turned out to be Jose's Portuguese version of "cheese, ham, ham, ham, tomato, ham and tomato sandwiches, with cheese!" Jose also appeared a bunch of times at the House of Mouse. Same thing with Panchito! Why in the world would you cook an anchor and ice cubes into any food dish? I hope this short doesn't ruin your appetites, because it'll only make me hungry!

From Kyle Wiggins :

I like the part when Minnie sees the house that Mickey is in falls down from the sky. She goes to investigate. Mickey pops out of the refrigerator and Pluto pops out of the freezer. He's shivering with Popsicles and an Ice cream cone. Minnie comes into the kitchen and found where Mickey is standing. Mickey thinks that Minnie is cheating on him. Minnie gets confused with anger. I keep thinking that Mickey is saying,"(sighs) Alright, Minnie. You have my game."

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