Donald's Dynamite : Fishing
Studio: Disney Television Animation Release Date : June 12, 1999 Series: Donald Duck
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Donald is enjoying a relaxing day of fishing when he reels in a bomb! He tries to throw it back, but a cunning frog is determined to stop him.


Donald Duck


Mickey MouseWorks (Season 1, Episode 7)

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Original Country: United States

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From Patrick Malone :

A fairly standard outing for this series of quickies, but still pretty funny. Donald plays "hot potato" with a frog with some nice gags thrown in and almost a happy ending, but we all know that they can't let Donald have that. At least not too often. Nothing spectacular, but just a quick, entertaining diversion.

From J. D. Weil :

How to get rid of a bomb; let me count the ways; drown it, throw it overboard; move the boat ... well, you know.

From Juan F. Lara :

The frog's gags were the funniest gags the "Donald's Dynamite" series has had. Still, the quick costume changes were more astonishing than funny to me. Unfortunately the frog disappears halfway into the short. The "aw nuts" ending this time seemed blown off.

From Aaron :

The 2nd best of the Donald's Dynamite shorts. Very HILARIOUS! But I didn't like the 'aw nuts' ending this time. But overall I'd give it 2 ears up!

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