Turkey Catchers

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Mickey, Donald and Goofy open a turkey catching business and their first customer is a pompous pilgrim. The three friends come up with the perfect plan, but when they finally catch their game, will they let their new-found friend become the main course?


Mickey Mouse



Kevin D. Campbell
Thomas Hart
Elizabeth Stonecipher


Mickey MouseWorks (Season 1, Episode 3)

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From Jon Cooke :

Watch for a hysterical gag of Goofy dressed as a female turkey. This short has a very lame ending, but otherwise pretty good.

From Juan F. Lara :

O.K., by the end of the first meeting with the pilgrim I was still going "huh?". What a strange idea for a chase short. And it was just a chase short. The trio tried to catch the turkey, failed, and kept at it until the short ran out of time. All the sight gags they did in trying to get the turkey added up to only a plotless and suspenseless short. And the short was topped off with another bizarre resolution that was a very contrived way at making a happy ending. I also thought the animation was sloppy. Characters jittered a lot, and parts of their bodies were noticibly detatched. But I thought the sight gags were done O.K., even though most of the gags were old. Each character had their own gags fitting their own personalities, and I thought Goofy's gags were the funniest. I also liked the argument they had over dressing up as a girl turkey. Now that's an old idea, and it had an old punchline. But at least the animation for Donald's sashaying was fun to watch, and better than the rest of the short. But the gags I liked weren't enough to make this a good short.

From David Gonterman :

The saving point of this comic is the dreaded South Park Factor, namely the scene with Donald in Drag. I'll agree with the duck in one thing, we believe that Bugs Bunny did it better. However, if you cut back to Donald and Mickey after seeing Goofy's attempt to dress up as a femme Turkey, I would have swore he still had that Space Probe in him. Hey, Uncle Roy, that short's long over now, you can pull that probe out anytime this year, okay?

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Kevin D. Campbell: Writer
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Thomas Hart: Writer
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Elizabeth Stonecipher: Writer
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