Goofy's Extreme Sports : Skating the Half Pipe
Studio: Disney Television Animation Release Date : November 13, 1998 Series: Goofy Cartoon
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Goofy demonstrates the beautiful, yet dangerous, sport of stunt rollerblading, but once he gets rolling, he has trouble putting on the brakes.




  • Theatrically released with the Disney film "I'll be Home for Christmas." Later also shown with the film "Mighty Joe Young."


Mickey MouseWorks (Season 1, Episode 2)

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Running time: 1:30
Original Country: United States

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From Patrick Malone :

A nice short-short; it seemed just the right length to give us the goods before it started dragging on too long. A few surprise gags as Goofy appears and re-appears (was that supposed to be the octopus from Aquamania?) and then the payoff. Not uproariously funny, but a good, entertaining 90 seconds worth.

From Jeff :

The only reason that I actually saw this short was because of the projectionist in the theater mixing up "Enemy of the State" with "I'll Be Home For Christmas". When the feature mixup was revealed, most of the people in the auditorium got up and left, but most of them did sit through the animated short, which I would describe as, in a word, insipid. I'm a lifelong Disney fan, but I've found virtually everything they've done since "The Lion King" to be dreadful, focus-group brewed tripe that is inoffensive to everyone and everything except one's mind. When I first heard they were ressurecting Mickey Mouse et al for a new series, I was at once happy and frightened, happy because I do very much enjoy the old shorts, frightened because I figured this was simply another opportunity for the Eisner team to confirm all my low expectations for them. The latter proved itself out as I watched the short, the humor was lame, and I never thought I would have to say that about a 'Goofy' cartoon. The plot derivative and unoriginal (and I might add done much better a half-century ago by Walt), and the animation shoddy and rather tacky. All in all, I'm not going to go out of my way to watch any of the shorts in the theaters, and I definitely am not going to watch the new television program when it comes out. I truly am sorry that Disney has gotten so bad in terms of quality, and I remain a fan of their earlier work, but right now, I doubt I'm going to spend a dime on any movie, theme park, or store paraphanalia because I simply cannot stomach the corporate vulture that Disney has become. I hope Eisner grows something that can pass for a heart sometime soon, and learns to hire better-talented people, and not fire them for being too talented.

From Tom :

I enjoyed it. There were a few problems though. For one the gags were funny, but "corny funny", not "funny funny" like the old "How to shorts". Also I think the idea of Goofy doing sports he didn't do in the classic shorts has too much potential to waste on a series of mere short-shorts. But over all, an entertaining short. Rating: B

From Juan F. Lara :

I liked watching this short. I wasn't interested in the premise, but I thought the animation and artwork was unusually good for a 90-second short. The short had a vivid color scheme, and Goofy was animated to move especially elastically. It was fun just to follow all the detail in Goofy's movements. His outlandish costume changes were also fun to watch. Well, all except for the cowboy, which we've seen before. But I particularly liked the octopus.

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