The Big Snit
Studio: National Film Board of Canada Release Date : August, 1985
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Richard Condie


Richard Condie


Richard Condie

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Original Language: English
Original Country: Canada

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From Ethanimation21 :

Here's another awesome short straight from Canda. So awesome that it's #25 of the 50 Greatest Cartoons! You don't get very many entires in that list from after the Golden Age of Animation, but I assure you they stand out for good reason. This cartoon is about a couple playing a game of scrabble, and I assure you it's not as boring as it sounds. They both have these quirks about them like the wife shaking her eyes and the husbands teeth sounding like a chainsaw when he snores. Speaking of sawing, this guy gets the idea to saw the table from this really weird show called "Sawing for Teens" that doesn't seem to have an actual script to it. Yeah, it's that kinda short that just seems to bounce ideas around but for what it's worth it works really well; it almost seems retroscripted because of just how off the top of the head the dialogue seems to be. Oh yeah, and there's this nuclear war going on outside that the couple aren't even aware of; not due to ignorance, but matters of circumstance. It's not really important though. This is probably one of the msot charming shorts to come from the NFBC just for how unusual but quaint it really is. I'd say give this a watch if you have the time, it's free on YouTube through the NFBC channel. On a sidenote does anybody at all remember the Cartoon Network show O Canada?
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