Hole in the Garden
Studio: Aardman Release Date : December 16, 2001 Series: Rex the Runt
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Rex the Runt
(Voice: Colin Rote)
Bad Bob
(Voice: Andy Jeffers)
(Voice: Elisabeth Hadley)
(Voice: Steve Box)


  • Last episode of Rex the Runt.


Rex the Runt (Season 2, Episode 13)

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Original Language: English

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From Ethanimation21 :

The Gang discover a prototype hover mower whilst clearing out Bob's shed. The major design fault is obvious when it burrows into the ground, creating a tunnel that leads all the way from the back garden to Australia. A shouting match with some dingos follows, at the end of which an enraged Bob accidentally throws Vince down the hole, precipitating an adventure of global proportions.
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