Bugs Bunny! That Wacky Wabbit

Country: United States
Media Type: DVD
Manufacturer: Starling Films
Running Time: 74 minutes
Release Date: 06/22/2005

Contains the Cartoons:


  • Restoration featurette


From PopKorn Kat: Ah, Starling Films…you are a unique specimen amongst public domain video distributors. Whereas North Hampton Partners attempted to remix the cartoons’ soundtracks into stereo (and failing), and Inkwell Images added new intertitles and cut out scenes (among other things), Starling took it one step further and not only retitled the cartoons, but also added “special effects”, cut some scenes, and redubbed a line of dialogue in one cartoon. The average-to-poor print quality makes these additions stick out like a sore thumb. Due to the amount of changes they made to the cartoons, I won’t be listing all of them here. Needless to say, I’ve only included this (among their two other known releases) in the database for completion’s sake.
From Justin Delbert: Terrible DVD as PopKorn Kat states. I can't go into detail here, but I will take a statement from my blog to give you a general idea: " Everything wrong you can think of is here. Freeze frames everywhere except when something is moving (causing it to look weird), enhanced sound effects on some of these, added effects on some scenes (a la George Lucas restoration of Star Wars), placing their own names on the cartoons themselves, censorship galore, and compressed imaging. The black and white Popeyes are color-toned, the Porky Pig cartoons are of course the redrawn versions. Everything else varies from print to print (if left alone). Some look like they came from laserdisc (maybe), but who knows, maybe they did INTENSE cleaning to keep us guessing (and that's bad if they restored too much because then it no longer feels like on film)."