Looney Tunes Golden Collection

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Country: United States
Media Type: DVD
Manufacturer: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment
Running Time: 411 minutes
Release Date: 10/28/2003

Contains the Cartoons:


  • A Greeting from Chuck Jones
  • Camera Three: The Boys from Termite Terrace
  • Bugs: A Rabbit for All Seasonings
  • Short Fuse Shootout : The Small Tale of Yosemite Sam
  • Forever Befuddled
  • Bugs Bunny at the Movies
  • My Dream is Yours (Excerpt)
  • Two Guys from Texas (Excerpt)
  • A Star is Bored
  • The Astro Nuts Audio Recording Session with Mel Blanc
  • "Bugs Bunny's Cartoon Festival" Trailer
  • "Bugs Bunny's Cartoon Jamboree" Trailer
  • Hard Luck Duck
  • Porky Pig Roast: A Tribute to the World's Most Famous Ham
  • Animal Quackers
  • Toon Heads: The Lost Cartoons
  • Too Fast, Too Furry-ous
  • Merrie Melodies: Carl Stalling and Cartoon Music
  • Blanc Expressions
  • Hair Raising Hare Schematics
  • The Hypo-Condri-Cat Schematics
  • Irreverent Imagination: The Golden Age of Looney Tunes
  • Needy for Speedy
  • Putty Problems and Canary Row
  • Southern Pride Chicken
  • Virgil Ross Pencil Tests
  • Stills Gallery


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