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Goopy Geer (1932)
       Warner Bros. - Merrie Melodies

Daffy Doodles (1946)
       Warner Bros. - Looney Tunes

Space Madness (1991)
       Spumco - Ren and Stimpy

A Cartoon (1991)
       Spumco - Ren and Stimpy

Stimpy's Invention (1992)
       Spumco - Ren and Stimpy

Out West (1992)
       Spumco - Ren and Stimpy

Son of Stimpy (1993)
       Spumco - Ren and Stimpy

Rose and Joe (1977)
       Sanrio Films

The Kindly Lion (1970)
       Mushi Production

The Magic Ballad (1982)
       Echo Incorporated

Song of the Sea (2014)
       Cartoon Saloon