While The Internet Animation Database is not officially a non-profit organization, there are quite a few costs associated with maintaining a site of this nature and size. Besides the normal web hosting, we also use an Amazon server to host the enourmous amount of graphic material (screenshots, character images, and etc.) Some of this cost is offset by ads that appear on the site. But if you have AdBlock or any other associated blocker installed, our revenue begins to drop. And if that happens to much, it threatens the lifeblood of the site.

We're not asking you to 'whitelist' your ad blocker for us. We will leave it up to you whether that's something you want to do. What we would request is that you make a small donation to what we're trying to do here. Any little bit helps us defray the costs of running the site.

We are also now offerring a subscription option. There are a few things we're currently working on, but in the end, a $2 per week subscription will get you:

  • A completely ads free experience.
  • Screenshots without the annoying logo which might beging to appear.
  • The ability to create your own theme (colors, fonts, and etc.) to personalize the experience for you.
  • Your requested screenshots will get pushed to the front of the line.

And more may be coming in the future.

We love doing what we do here. If you do as well, please help us keep this going by either a small donation or subscribing!


Your Internet Animation Database team.