Being self-employed is a two-edged sword. It does allow me more time to take on free-lance web design jobs and to work on the database here more than I regularly would. The downside is that it's a roller-coaster as far as money coming in goes. With that in mind, it gets harder and harder to justify the amount of time I spend on this project unless there's some financial consideration.

And there are still a number of things that would like to do with the site that I haven't had the chance to. Our goal is to make The Internet Animation Database the most complete, thorough, and accurate animation database on the web. If you are an animation fan and have access to facts and information about any facet of animation, we'd love to hear from you about donating your time to help with keeping the site updated.

Remember also that this site is not run or owned by any animation company so we have no financial backing there. It's pretty much a one-man operation, updated by volunteers, which started out as a fan site and snowballed from there.

I will never charge a fee for the information on this site; I think it's too important not to constrict access as some other sites might do. But I would ask that if this site has been important to you, if it's helped you in any way, please help us out by thinking about donating to the cause. Just click on the PayPal button. It doesn't have to be a lot; any amount is appreciated.