Zero Day (Part 1)
Studio: Warner Bros. Television Release Date : August 17, 2023 Series: My Adventures with Superman

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The General uses shock collars to forcibly recruit Willis, Intergang, and Heat Wave into assisting Wilson and Ivo capture Superman. Meanwhile, after developing super-hearing and hearing everyone in the city crying for help, Clark runs himself ragged helping everyone and soon becomes sleep-deprived and weakened. When Gotham Gazette journalist Vicki Vale arrives to cover his activities, Lois is starstruck to meet her, only to be disappointed when Vale runs a biased story defaming Superman as a menace to gain a promotion. Superman saves an invisible Mist from being hit by a truck but accidentally causes an accident, turning public opinion against him. Mist says Task Force X kidnapped Siobhan, and Superman offers to rescue her, only to be led into a trap and attacked by the group. Though he holds his own despite his weakened state, Superman is eventually knocked out by Ivo via his upgraded Parasite armor and Willis. The General stops Ivo from killing him as he wants to interrogate Superman. Mist regrets luring Superman into the trap as Lois and Jimmy rush to the scene but arrive to see the group carry Superman away.
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My Adventures with Superman (Season 1, Episode 8)

Technical Specifications

Animation Type: Standard Animation - Digital Ink and Paint
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (HD - Television)
Color Type: Color
Negative Type: Digital
Original Country: United States
Original Language: English
Print Type: Video (HDTV)

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