Hot Tub Humphrey
Studio: Disney Television Animation Release Date : September 2, 2002 Series: Humphrey the Bear

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Humphrey would rather take a bath in the Ranger's hot tub than in the cold river, so he tries various methods to get the Ranger out of the way.


Ranger J. Audubon Woodloore
(Voice: Corey Burton)
Humphrey the Bear
(Voice: Frank Welker)


Story Editor

Henry Gilroy


Bill Kopp

Technical Specifications

Original Country: United States

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From Billy Joe :

Humphrey the Bear gets his own starring cartoon again in this "House of Mouse" special. In the other cartoon, Beezy Bear, that played with it in the "House of Mouse" episode Humphrey in the House, he seemed to take a lot of baths. In this cartoon, his armpits were really smelly meaning he hasn't took a bath in a very long time. The were many attempts for Humphrey to take a bath in Ranger Woodlore's hot tub, since the river is too cold. Hot Tub Humphrey is not as good as the classic Humphrey the Bear shorts, but is funny.