A Very Goofy Christmas
Studio: Disney Television Animation Release Date : November 9, 1999 Series:

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Walt Disney Animation Canada, Inc.


Goofy's son Max goes through the usual adolescent trauma of trying to deicde whether Santa Claus really exists or not.


(Voice: Bill Farmer)
Max Goof
(Voice: Shaun Fleming)
(Voice: Jim Cummings)



Jun Falkenstein
Bill Speers


Scott Gorden
Tom Nance
Carter Crocker

Included in:

Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas


  • Max: Did you know that there are over two billion children in the world?
    Goofy: Hmmm. No wonder I keep trippin' over roller skates.


United States

Once Upon a Christmas


Micky's Fröhliche Weihnachten


Topolino e la Magia del Natale

Laserdisc (CLV)


Goofy's All Star Olympics


United States

Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas
Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas


Micky's Froelich Weihnachten

BluRay Disc

United States

Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas / Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas
Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas / Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas

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From Rich Bellacera :

This nice "Goofy" cartoon, appears a little out of continuity for those familiar with "Goof Troop" as Max seems even younger than he was when he and Goofy first moved to Spoonerville as depicted in the series. Anyhow, there is a nice contrast between Mr. Pete and the neighbor on the other side of Goofy's house, making the Goofs live between the "Needy" and the "Greedy". Goofy was wonderful, Max was bright and kept the story pace going well. It was odd that Pete is depicted as "gray-haired" in this toon and returned to being "black-haired" in the Mickey one? I wished my favorite "Goof Troop" character was there, tho: Peg! Peg, P.J. Pistol and even Waffles and Chainsaw were NOT in this short, so aside from Pete living next door, there was no other real link to "Goof Troop." This short proved that Goofy has a heart of gold, even if it is a bit gullible at times. I give this one a 10. This cartoon and the preview for "An Extremely Goofy Movie" (the sequel to "A Goofy Movie") make me very anxious for the video release of the new Goofy movie.