Von Drake's House of Genius : Money Increaser
Studio: Disney Television Animation Release Date : June 12, 1999 Series: Von Drake

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Ludwig Von Drake believes his new invention - a Money Increaser Machine - will save people from poverty, but it ends up getting him thrown in jail for counterfeiting!


Mickey MouseWorks (Season 1, Episode 7)

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From Patrick Malone :

Another good quickie. There's not a lot to say about the short-shorts as long as they stay entertaining filler and Von Drake's accent still makes me laugh all by itself. The only comparison I can think of is with O Henry's short stories: a short quick development with a nice twist at the end.

From J. D. Weil :

I could use one of those, too bad it's illegal, as the professor found out.

From Juan F. Lara :

The idea is dumb: You go "well, duh" when the police arrest him. But I still liked this short a lot. At least this time the machine worked. And Ludwig's mania over all the new money he's made was very entertaining and funny. This was the best of the "House of Genius" shorts.

DYN: Were the makers being cheap in trying to pass off a pipe organ for Von Drake's "spectrometer"?

From John Renard :

The best so far of the Von Drake short-shorts. It was kinda weird until the last few seconds and then it was just hilarious. The ending just makes it all right.