Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling
Studio: Nickelodeon Release Date : August 9, 2019 Series: Rocko's Modern Life

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Yeson Entertainment


Rocko, Heffer and Filburt return from being stranded in space for twenty years and still have to deal with modern life, including the fact that Rocko's favorite show, "The Bigheads" is no longer on the air. Meanwhile, an accident causes Mr. Bighead to throw Conglom-O into bankruptcy and the only thing that can save it is to bring back "The Bigheads."


(Voice: Carlos Alazraqui)
Heffer Wolfe
(Voice: Tom Kenny)
Filburt Shellbach
(Voice: Doug "Mr. Lawrence" Lawrence)
Ed Bighead
(Voice: Charlie Adler)
Bev Bighead
(Voice: Charlie Adler)
Ralph Bighead
(Voice: Joe Murray)
Bloaty the Tick
Squirmy the Ringworm
Really Really Big Man
(Voice: Tom Kenny)
Dr. Paula Hutchison
(Voice: Linda Wallem)
Mr. Dupette
(Voice: Charlie Adler)




  • When writing for the character of Rachel Bighead, Joe Murray and his team consulted the GLAAD organization on how to write for transgender characters.

Technical Specifications

Running Time: 45:55
Animation Type: Standard Animation - Digital Ink and Paint
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (HD - Television)
Color Type: Color
Negative Type: Digital
Original Country: United States
Original Language: English
Print Type: Video (HDTV)

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From Justin Delbert :

An excellent Rocko's Modern Life special. It's basically a reboot special about Rocko trying to bring back a cartoon he liked from the 90's as a reboot special. How Meta. The show is also very progressive as it didn't shy away about acceptance for the LGTB community. I highly recommend this special even if you're not a major fan of Rocko, which I am not.
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From PopKorn Kat :

Now this is how you do a revival! The original Rocko is my favorite Nicktoon. Every season and episode has held up, even to this day. It's smart, funny, well-written, and subversive. How would the titular wallaby and his pals adjust to the hectic 21st century? Well...let's just say Heffer and Filburt adapt easier than Rocko and Ed.
Rocko, Heffer and Filburt have been floating around in space since the events of "Future Shlock" occurred over twenty years ago. When they crash-land back in O-Town, they find that it's the 21st century and everything has changed. Conglom-O has lost a lot of money, dooming O-Town. Distraught that The Fatheads is no longer on TV, Rocko has an idea: bring it back, and get the original creator behind it!
The special's basically an episode of the original show that's four times as long, but it never feels like it overstays its welcome. If anything, it may be too short--I felt the ending was abrupt, even though all the plot threads were resolved.
The show's message--"accept change"--is important for everyone to understand. You can't avoid it--the "whinds" of change won't let you. One important plot point hammers this moral home--the creator of Rocko's favorite show is revealed to be a trans woman named Rachel. While Rocko, Heffer, Filburt and Bev have no problem with this, Ed takes a while to adjust. The character of Rachel was handled very respectfully, with no offensive stereotypes in play and no derogatory jokes about her character or appearance. The message goes both ways. When Rocko is upset about the Fatheads' new child in Rachel's Fatheads revival, he realizes his logic is just as flawed as Ed's once was. (He very quickly changes his tune, fortunately.)
Should you watch this special? Yes. If you're a newbie to the Rocko show, maybe take some time to watch the original episodes to understand what's going on. (I'd personally start off with the Rachel Bighead episodes and "Future-Schlock," the series finale.) If you've been a Rocko fan for a while, you will not be disappointed.

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