Studio: Disney Release Date : May 28, 1953 Series: Adventures in Music

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Professor Owl teaches his music class about melody and it's importance to the world of music.


Professor Owl
(Voice: Bill Thompson)



Charles A. Nichols
Ward Kimball


Ward Kimball
Julius Svendsen
Marc Davis
Harvey Toombs
Harold "Hal" Ambro
Marvin Woodward


Richard Martin "Dick" Huemer


Joseph S. Dubin

Color and Styling

Eyvind Earle

Art Direction

A. Kendall "Ken" O'Connor

Music and Lyrics

Sonny Burke
Paul Webster


RKO Radio Pictures

Included in:

Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom

Cut Scenes

  • Birdy Birdbrain's use of the word "Injun" has been removed on the Disney Channel.


  • Filmed in 3-D, it was the first animated 3-D film released in the United States.


Donald's Quack Attack (Season 1, Episode 27)
Donald's Quack Attack (Season 1, Episode 4)


United States

Disney Rarities
The Fantasia Anthology
Fantasia 2000

Technical Specifications

Running Time: 10:00
MPAA No.: 18234
Animation Type: Standard (Hand-drawn-Cel) Animation
Aspect Ratio: 1.37 : 1
Cinematographic Format: Spherical
Color Type: Technicolor
Negative Type: 35mm
Original Language: English
Print Type: 35mm
Sound Type: Mono: RCA Sound Recording

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From Baruch Weiss :

Professor Owl teaches his class about "Melody" hence the name of this cartoon they would later use in the 1980's in those Disney sing along videos along with some new footage. Anyway, this is my favorite short for obvious reasons! I also laughed at the part where Bertie Birdbrain says "We sing about beauty" then covers the face of Suzy Sparrow with the face of some nerdy kid!

From Billy Joe :

The first short in the Adventures in Music series (as it said on the poster). It's abstract characters teaches us the importance of melody and music. Bertie Birdbrain brought many laughs in this cartoon. This short is a fun journey. I would recommend it.

This is the first animated film in 3-D. The characters and atmosphere are flat, how did it look in 3-D?

From Neo Stryder :

A fun and educative cartoon that keeps showing us Disney's legacy about animation and music, that actual Disney's cartoon hasn't been able to keep. Characters have a simple but interesting design, and music themes reflex us character's rich personality, specially in Canary Sisters and Suzy Sparrow, showing us she's not the typical stereotype of attractive girls.