Change of Heart
Studio: Nickelodeon Release Date : July 26, 2017 Series: The Loud House
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Jam Filled Entertainment


Clyde seeks Leni's advice to help him act normal in front of Lori, but Lori wrongly assumes that they've entered a relationship with each other.


Lincoln Loud
(Voice: Collin Dean)
Clyde McBride
(Voice: Caleel Harris)
Lori Loud
(Voice: Catherine "Cat" Taber)
Leni Loud
(Voice: Liliana Mumy)
Luna Loud
Luan Loud
(Voice: Cristina Pucelli)
Lynn Loud
(Voice: Jessica DiCicco)
Lucy Loud
(Voice: Jessica DiCicco)
Lana Loud
(Voice: Grey DeLisle-Griffin)
Lola Loud
(Voice: Grey DeLisle-Griffin)
Mr. Grouse
(Voice: John DiMaggio)



Kyle Marshall

Character Design

Katherine "Kat" Ketchum
Todd Oman


Karen Malach

Executive Producer

Christopher M. "Chris" Savino

Animation Director

Mark Woodcox


Kyle Marshall
Paul Watling


Christopher M. "Chris" Savino

Voice Director

Lisa Schaffer


Karla Sakas Shropshire

Vice President of Animation Production

Eric Swanborg


Nickelodeon (Original broadcast network)


The Loud House (Season 2, Episode 18)


United States

The Loud House: Absolute Madness (Season 2, Volume 2)

Technical Specifications

Animation Type: Flash Animation
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (HD - Television)
Color Type: Color
Negative Type: Digital
Original Country: United States
Original Language: English
Print Type: Video (HDTV)

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From Justin Delbert :

Ok....I LOVE this one. I know fans don't like seeing Clyde having a crush on Lori, but I always like to root for the underdog when it comes to love (ex: Charlie Brown and the Little Red Haired Girl). I see myself in Clyde as a result of this. It also shows how kind Leni is helping Clyde out with his problem. Obviously the show has since changed; Clyde's moved on with Lori and Lori sadly doesn't appear much because she's in college, but I still find it pretty cool seeing Lori have some sort of feelings for Clyde....even if it isn't a romantic one.
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