The Truce Hurts
Studio: MGM Release Date : July 17, 1948 Series: Tom and Jerry (II)

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Tom, Jerry and Spike the Bulldog decide to call a truce and sign a peace treaty ... a treaty that lasts until they find a steak that they have to share.


Tom (II)
Spike, the Bulldog
(Voice: Billy Bletcher)
Jerry (II)



William Denby "Bill" Hanna
Joseph Roland "Joe" Barbera


Kenneth "Ken" Muse
Ed Barge
Ray Patterson
Irvin "Irv" Spence


Scott Bradley


Fred Quimby

Music Sources

Freed, Arthur and Nacio Herb Brown : "Sing Before Breakfast "
Arlen,Harry and E.Y. Harburg : "We're Off to See the Wizard "


Cartoon Network



Clips Used In:

Matinee Mouse

Cut Scenes

  • A scene where Tom, Jerry and Spike are hit with mud, turning them into blackface caricatures, is censored from most TV prints.

Laserdisc (CLV)

United States

The Art of Tom & Jerry


United States

Tom and Jerry - Golden Collection - Volume 1
Tom and Jerry Spotlight Collection

BluRay Disc

United States

Tom and Jerry - Golden Collection - Volume 1 (BluRay)

Technical Specifications

Running Time: 7:58
Production No.: 173
MPAA No.: 12503
Animation Type: Standard (Hand-drawn-Cel) Animation
Aspect Ratio: 1.37 : 1
Cinematographic Format: Spherical
Color Type: Technicolor
Negative Type: 35mm
Original Country: United States
Original Language: English
Print Type: 35mm
Sound Type: Mono: Western Electric Sound System

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