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Studio: Fuzzy Door Productions Release Date : October 3, 2010 Series: Family Guy

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When liberal Brian Griffin hears that conservative Rush Limbaugh is signing books, he goes down to give the right-wing author a piece of his mind. After Limbaugh saves Brian from a street gang, the dog decides to give the book a chance, becoming a conservative Republican and befriending Rush in the process.


Brian Griffin
(Voice: Seth MacFarlane)
Chris Griffin
(Voice: Seth Green)
Tom Tucker
(Voice: Seth MacFarlane)
Joyce Kinney
(Voice: Christine Helen Lakin)
Peter Griffin
(Voice: Seth MacFarlane)
Lois Griffin
(Voice: Alex Borstein)
Stewie Griffin
(Voice: Seth MacFarlane)
Meg Griffin
Stan Smith
(Voice: Seth MacFarlane)


Rush Limbaugh
(Voice: Rush Limbaugh)
George W. Bush
George H.W. Bush
John McCain
Richard Bruce "Dick" Cheney
Jimmy Carter
Mickey Rourke
Carlos Ray "Chuck" Norris
Jonathan Vincent Voight
Barack Obama
Bill Clinton


Fox (Original broadcast network)


Family Guy (Season 9, Episode 2)


United States

Family Guy: Volume Nine

Technical Specifications

Production No.: 8ACX03
Color Type: Color
Original Country: United States
Original Language: English

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