Big House Blues
Studio: Spumco Release Date : December 21, 1990 Series: Ren and Stimpy

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Associated Studio(s)

Carbunkle Cartoons
Bardel Entertainment Inc.


Ren and Stimpy get caught by a dogcatcher and are sent to the pound, where they dread the "big sleep".


Ren Höek
(Voice: John Kricfalusi)
Stimpson J. "Stimpy" Cat
(Voice: Billy West)
Old Man Hunger
(Voice: Brian Burr Chin)

Music Sources

Gould, Alec : "Main Street "
Johnson, Laurence "Laurie" : "Happy-Go-Lively "
Longmire, John : "Turkey Trot "


Nickelodeon (Original broadcast network)

Cut Scenes

  • The broadcast version cuts the scene where Ren unknowingly kisses Stimpy and washes his mouth out in the toilet afterward.


  • The pilot episode for Ren and Stimpy which aired during the show's first season on September 15, 1991.


Ren and Stimpy (Season 2, Episode 4)


United States

The Ren and Stimpy Show The First and Second Seasons

Technical Specifications

Running Time: 8:16
Animation Type: Standard (Hand-drawn-Cel) Animation
Aspect Ratio: 4 : 3 (Television)
Color Type: Color
Negative Type: 35mm
Original Country: United States
Original Language: English
Print Type: Video (NTSC)

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