On Her Dookess' Secret Service
Studio: Warner Bros. Release Date : April 8, 2022 Series: Green Eggs and Ham

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Pam is given her next mission which is to take out Sam. As Sam hurries to Yookia to reclaim the Moo-Lacka-Moo, Guy explains to Michellee what is happening, but they are quickly caught by the Dookess. He convinces her to let Michellee stay with him because she is his "secret weapon". Guy dismantles his invention while Michellee distracts Guy's watcher with a painting and then fake labor, getting rid of him quickly. E.B. and Looka, who are now slightly identifying as boyfriend and girlfriend, go to the Dooka to inform him of what is happening, but he sends them to Looka's room and insists on using the Moo-Lacka-Moo to destroy Zookia. Sam goes climbing through the vents and rescues E.B. and Looka before being told where the Moo-Lacka-Moo is being held. E.B. and Looka go to rescue their respective side's people and promise to meet each other later. As Sam finally gets the Moo-Lacka-Moo, he is suddenly confronted by Trousers. Pam is revealed to have headed to Zookia and confronts Guy and Michellee.
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Piero Piluso


Netflix (Original broadcast network)


Green Eggs and Ham (Season 2, Episode 9)

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