Studio: Warner Bros. Release Date : April 8, 2022 Series: Green Eggs and Ham

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Guy confronts E.B. about the funpass and learns what she has been up to. Despite her attempts to explain the Yooks to Guy, he forbids her from seeing Looka again. In Yookia, Looka attempts to do the same with his father, but he also forbids him from seeing E.B. again. Guy reveals where Looka was supposed to meet with E.B. and has him captured, much to E.B.'s anger who refuses to speak with him now. A very delighted Sam and Pam "rescue" the two of them and takes them to their safehouse. Guy reveals that Michellee is having a baby, but E.B. is still angry with him, even when Sam attempts to get her to make up with him. Guy becomes suspicious of Pam when she fails to remember how the Yooks and Zooks butter their toast and becomes convinced that her mission to return the Moo-Lacka-Moo to the Yooks is for selfish reasons. He tells Sam this who appears convinced after he realizes that she still has not made green eggs and ham for him. At night, Guy tries to convince E.B. that they should leave with Sam, but she rebuffs him. Sam takes the Moo-Lacka-Moo and wakes up Pam as they leave to deliver it to the Yooks.
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Piero Piluso


Netflix (Original broadcast network)


Green Eggs and Ham (Season 2, Episode 7)

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