Daisy's Big Sale
Studio: Disney Television Animation Release Date : September 22, 2001 Series: Daisy Duck
Cumulative rating: No Ratings Posted


Donald gets caught in a web of mistaken intention when he builds a wall for Daisy as a Valentine's gift.


Minnie Mouse
(Voice: Russi Taylor)
Daisy Duck
(Voice: Tress MacNeille)



Russi Taylor
Tress MacNeille

Story Editor

Kevin D. Campbell


Kevin Crosby Hopps


House of Mouse (Season 2, Episode 1)

Technical Specifications

Animation Type: Standard (Hand-drawn-Cel) Animation
Original Language: English

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From Juan F. Lara :

Starting from "Daisy Visits Minnie" Daisy and Minnie have evolved into a Laurel and Hardy team. The montage of Daisy's past schemes felt like clips from shorts that weren't actually made. (I laughed at the hospital scene. Morbidly funny.) I'm lukewarm to this idea, though. Daisy tended to come off as contemptible. If Daisy's like that then it's no fun watching all the rotten stuff she heaps on Minnie. Daisy seemed so pathetic when she pointed out that she doesn't have any friends other than Minnie. Nearly the whole short was a long list of hairbow puns. Those lists are what MMW shorts are always doing, and so the bow gags were just more of the same.

From Lee Suggs :

Daisy is selling bows instead of Tupperware. She recruits Minnie to help, and wrecks Minnie's car (and half the town) in the process. When Minnie arrives Daisy nearly kills her showing off a very clever assortment of bows. (The "rain"bow was the best!) A very fast paced cartoon with a fun ending.

From Aja Ramos :

Another dissapointment. I have to agree with Juan F. Lara. Most of this cartoon is just hairbow gags. The premise is pretty pathetic. Daisy is selling hairbows and needs Minnie to help her. Big deal! Daisy sounded really pathetic when she said that the only friend that she had was Minnie. And that WEAK ending didn't help this cartoon get any better. One of the worst of the MMW cartoons!

From Mick Mouse :

I really liked this short. Especially the line where Daisy said that Minnie's hairbow looked cheap, ("Mickey gave me this!") The animation was a little sloppy at times though. At the beginning when Minnie picks up the telephone you see that she is wearing her signature gloves but when it zooms out to show that she had just gotten out of the shower, she isn't wearing any gloves. See if you can catch it.

From Anthony :

Awesome short. People really need to stop complaining about Daisy's treatment of Minnie, everyone's all hooping and hollering over Goofy being tortured but OH NO..not Minnie! Give me a break. I really loved the part when her bow inflated - some of that classic Disney exaggeration - shame there wasn't much more of this duo.