Donald's Goofy World
Studio: Disney Television Animation Release Date : March 10, 2001 Series: Donald Duck
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Donald gets tired of the way Goofy goofs up, but then falls into a dream world where everybody is Goofy.


(Voice: Bill Farmer)
Donald Duck
(Voice: Tony Anselmo)
Daisy Duck
(Voice: Tress MacNeille)



Stephen James Taylor

Story Editor

Henry Gilroy


Mike Fontanelli
Henry Gilroy


House of Mouse (Season 1, Episode 8)

Technical Specifications

Original Language: English
Original Country: United States

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From Juan F. Lara :

This short was much fun once it got started. The short reminded me of the "Sports Goofy" shorts, which had legions of lookalike goofies cast in vastly different roles. The highlight was the Goofy versions of the main cast members. What they most looked like were members of the Goofy Club dressed in uniform, with Club snouts instead of ears. The main cast members had some very funny lines to go with this scene. BTW: What, "Goof Troop" wasn't on TV?

From Lee Suggs :

This is a creative, wild short! Goofy comes over to fix Donald's door. Of course, in the process he makes Donald so mad that the Duck screams "I don't ever want to see your face again!". You know that Donald can't get away with such a statement, and a blow to the head begins his punishment. Suddenly everyone and EVERYTHING is Goofy. TV series, neighbors, nature, Donald cannot escape the GOOF. In desperation, Donald runs to Mickey only to find he has been transformed as well. Donald's panics and flees into a rather different looking Daisy's arms. Escaping her, he finds that even his own nephews have gone Goofy. Finally he begins to become the Goof himself, and..... he wakes up. He then forgives Goofy, (at least there is only one of him!) and is locked out of his house when the Goof finally fixes his door. Nobody is funnier being tortured than Donald!

From Dan :

This short wasn't very original because a similar story happened during an episode of Goof Troop in which Pete goes on vacation to get away from the Goof but then Pete starts seeing the Goof everywhere.

From Daisy :

I loved the part where Donald ran into Daisy's arms and she looked like Goofy. I thought it was funny when daisy said "Gimme a kiss" to Donald, but he ran away.