How To Be Groovy, Cool and Fly
Studio: Disney Television Animation Release Date : January 27, 2001 Series: Goofy Cartoon
Cumulative rating: No Ratings Posted


Goofy tries to keep up with the times and the changing clothing styles.


Mickey Mouse
(Voice: Wayne Allwine)
(Voice: Bill Farmer)
Donald Duck
(Voice: Tony Anselmo)


Story Editor

Henry Gilroy


Jymn Magon


House of Mouse (Season 1, Episode 2)

Technical Specifications

Original Language: English
Original Country: United States

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From Juan F. Lara :

Kind of appropriate to show this particular short in the episode featuring the updated Big Bag Wolf. Actually this short was fun to watch. Goofy was used as a clotheshorse here, and he reverted to his "everyman" personality like he was in George Geef cartoons. Goofy wasn't the star of this short, the clothes were. The artists came up with dead-on renditions of each decade's fashions. I was a teen in Miami during the '80's. So the Miami Vice outfit brought back memories about how the local media went so crazy for the pastel suits. A short that was about being in style was actually fun for its nostalgic value.

From Jeffrey :

I loved that short! The best part is when Goofy is dressed up like one of the Beatles (they're my favorite band) and the bass drum reads "The Goofies." The girls take off all his clothes! Goofy is covered by a circle that reads "Help!"

From Dino Cencia :

This new Goofy cartoon is really funny! I loved the part when Goofy was dressed up like Austin Powers and says "Goofy baby!" Also, I liked the part when Goofy was dressed up like one of The Beatles and when the girls took off his clothes, the drum says "Help!" like the Beatles movie. I recorded this short from House of Mouse and I still have it somewhere. This is a great short. I give this a 90.

From Greta F Bell :

I remembered watching this cartoon on TV a few years ago, when I first watched the Star Wars films, and enjoyed the part where Goofy was dressed up as Princess Leia. Recently, when I was searching for modern Goofy cartoons on the internet, the only title I could vividly remember was this one. It was a lot funnier than I remembered and, having never actually lived in any of these fashion eras (except for the last few years of the 90s), it was hilarious to see Goofy, my favourite Disney character ever, portraying the different clothes. I especially enjoyed the two 70s sketches where Goofy parodies Star Wars and the disco age, and also the last one where Goofy tries to rap and gets confused by the narrator's rap-speak ("fat? It's these pants, right?" "who's homely?"), particularly because rap music is also a part of today's culture as well as then. I recommend this to everyone as most people can relate to the various clothes styles and Goofy's ever-hilarious personality. 10 out of 10!