Risking Their Lives! Luffy is the Trump Card for Victory!
Studio: Toei Animation Release Date : May 31, 2015 Series: One Piece

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Associated Studio(s)

Kagura / Production IMS


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Tetsuya Endo

Asst. Director

Kazuho Takatoya

Animation Director

Asako Narasaki

Key Animator

Hitoshi Inaba
Shuuichiro Manabe
Nobuki Nakamura
Asako Narasaki
Takeshi Nishino
Mitsuo Shindo
Shiho Tamai
Hayato Tejima
Yoshikazu Tomita
Takahiro Toyomasu


Tomohiro Nakayama

Assistant Production Manager

Keisuke Igeta

Technical Specifications

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