Pluto Gets the Paper : Mortimer
Studio: Disney Television Animation Release Date : March 16, 2000 Series: Pluto Cartoon
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Mortimer (Mickey's rival) shows up once again to try to steal Mickey's paper when Pluto is sent out to retrieve it.
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Mickey Mouse
(Voice: Wayne Allwine)
Mortimer Mouse
(Voice: Maurice LaMarche)



Roberts "Bobs" Gannaway


House of Mouse (Season 1, Episode 2)

Technical Specifications

Original Language: English
Original Country: United States

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From Rich Bellacera :

I liked seeing Mortimer Mouse. He's a regular foil for Mickey and the gang in European and Brazilian Disney comics, so seeing him here was a nice treat. I know he has appeared in Mickey's Rival Returns, but I didn't see it. Serving as a foil for Pluto (or is it Pluto who was Mortimer's foil?) worked perfectly. I need to find out who voices Mortimer! I'm betting it is Corey Burton!

From Lee Suggs :

I really enjoyed this short. It's good for Mickey to have an enemy other than Pete. I liked that Pluto was shown as being loyal to Mickey, and the gags were funny. This series is definitely the best of the the short-shorts. Mickey's rival Mortimer steals his paper. Faithful Pluto goes after him, and just won't give up. The gags involved in Mortimer being unable to shake Pluto, and the short's excellent surprise ending make it the best of this series. It's always fun to see Mortimer, hopefully we'll get to see more of him playing off of Mickey next year.

From Juan F. Lara :

This time Pluto had a villain he had to face off against. I thought Mortimer Mouse's bastard routine was really funny. His schtick made Pluto's chasing of him fun to watch, and it was all the more entertaining to see Pluto ultimately get the upper hand on the putz, cornering him and then getting some revenge. The animation was poorly coordinated to the soundtrack, though.