Batman: The Long Halloween Part 1
Studio: Warner Bros. Release Date : June 22, 2021 Series: DC Universe
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Commissioner James "Jim" Gordon
Batman (Bruce Wayne)
(Voice: Jensen Ackles)



Chris Palmer


Michael Gatt

Character Design

Cathlin Hidalgo-Polvani
Dou Hong
Irineo Maramba
Otto Schmidt


Jim Krieg
Kimberly S. Moreau

Production Manager

Marlene Corpuz

Supervising Producer

Butch Lukic


Tim Sheridan

Executive in Charge of Production

Peter Girardi
Brian E.S. Jones

Storyboard Revisions

Matthew Bordenave

Supervising Animation Director

Macaulay Whiting

Character Design Supervisor

Jon Suzuki

Assistant Production Manager

Alicia Heraper

Post Production Executive

Greg Emerson

Lead Background Key Design

Robert Haverland

Senior Assistant Production Manager

Lauren D. Sanchez

BluRay Disc

United States

Batman: The Long Halloween Part 1

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