Minnie Takes Care of Pluto
Studio: Disney Television Animation Release Date : January 22, 2000 Series: Minnie Mouse
Cumulative rating: No Ratings Posted


Mickey drops Pluto off at Minnie's house unexpectedly, so Pluto's conscience convinces him that Minnie is out to do him in.
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Mickey Mouse
(Voice: Wayne Allwine)
Minnie Mouse
(Voice: Russi Taylor)
Pluto's Devil
(Voice: Penn Jillette)
Pluto's Angel
(Voice: Eric Idle)


Story Editor

Kevin D. Campbell


Steve Roberts

Technical Specifications

Animation Type: Standard Animation - Digital Ink and Paint
Print Type: Video (NTSC)
Negative Type: Digital
Original Language: English

Reviews and Comments

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From Patrick Malone :

Pluto's angel and devil are back, and so far they seem to becoming the two most interesting characters in the entire series. I'm still not exactly sure how Pluto got the idea that Minnie was going to do him in since he had been taken care of by Minnie before. But he does, and in some of the fantasy sequences we get to see Minnie in a completely new light. This would have made a good Halloween short; I would have liked to see a bit more of Pluto's possible eternal punishments ala Pluto's Judgment Day; possibly contrasted with what he might have gotten in heaven. We do seem also to be getting more subtle innuendoes of bathroom humor, what with Goofy's trying to train the kitty last time and Pluto's final punishment this time. It seems more suited to a 'Ren and Stimpy' short than with Disney. But still, this was the best of this week's episode. I want to see more of the angel and the devil though. There is a definite history there which screams out to be explored more.

From Charles Buchanan :

Maybe because of her tirade about Mickey dumping Pluto on her? Probably not, but I've noticed that in all the shorts (classic and modern), that devil-Pluto has the ability to make Pluto extremely paranoid at the drop of a hat. And who would've guessed Minnie as an undertaker/gravedigger?

From David Gonterman :

[Spoken through a Stadium-quality PDA] Pinch Hitting for Teller as Penn Jillette's favorite victim in 'Penn and Teller's Sin City Spectacular' . . . Pluto! I should have expected this from a Voice Actor who prides himself on his collection of 'Team Satan 666' shirts. At least the short doesn't have P and T's obligatory bloodshed, much to Pluto's relief. Or maybe even Minnie, since she was planning on cleaning house that day. Oh well. Damage to Minnie: Nothing less than the complete loss of her reputation as we know it. Just one earful of Minnie's crackle during the dream sequences and that's all she wrote for Minnie Mouses' stereotype. At least now I won't mind her getting the occasional panty shot.

From Lee Suggs :

This is a funny short. The Penn and Teller voices for Pluto's good and bad angel are great. It also fits Pluto's personality that he could be so easily convinced that Minnie wants to kill him. The methods of his demise are quite funny. I especially liked the ending where Pluto imagines his eternal punishment. (A historical side note - Pluto's angel and devil first appeared in Mickey's Pal Pluto (1933) which was remade in 1941 as Lend a Paw. The 1941 short won an academy award. The angel's voice, in the original shorts, was supposed to be based on that of Eleanor Roosevelt. She was, of course, the First Lady from 1933-1944, and was famous as a do-gooder.)