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Studio: Rough Draft Studios Release Date : January 15, 2021 Series: Disenchantment

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Rough Draft Korea


Elfo and Bean are about to escape, but Elfo reminds Bean of one lasting member of the freak show: Mora. They rescue her from her tank and barely escape on a steamboat, with the help of Mora. Along the way, Elfo begins a strange relationship with the steamboat, while Bean opens up about her feelings for other people with Mora, the mermaid, as they grow closer to one another. They crash land on Mermaid Island, where Mora introduces Bean to her family, and they have a romantic night together. The following day, Bean wakes up and since she does not find Mora's necklace around her neck, believes that everything that happened the day before was a dream, and walks across the beach with Elfo. The final shot of the episode shows the necklace washing up on shore, confirming that the experience with Mora was real.
(Synopsis courtesy of Wikipedia)


Disenchantment (Season 2, Episode 6)

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