Freak Out!
Studio: Rough Draft Studios Release Date : January 15, 2021 Series: Disenchantment

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Rough Draft Korea


Bean wakes up the next morning and gets mail from Alva, and it opens up to reveal an image of the two of them kissing on a bridge. She runs away and he does everything he can to get her back. She then tries to find Elfo, who is held captured at the freak show and falls in love with his neighbor, a headless psychic named Edith. Bean eventually finds Elfo and busts everyone else out. As Elfo goes to free Edith the owner appears and begins to strangle him, but is knocked out by Edith who actually has a body. She tells Elfo that they can't be together as a curse placed on her causes anyone who falls in love with her to meet a horrible fate. On the pier there are tons of robots who corner Bean and Elfo and Bean screams at them that she has no magic and in that moment lightning shoots from her fingers and takes out the whole place. Zøg continues to act more crazy.
(Synopsis courtesy of Wikipedia)



Mark Mothersbaugh


Matt Groening


Disenchantment (Season 2, Episode 5)

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