Maestro Minnie : Brahm's Lullabye
Studio: Disney Television Animation Release Date : September 18, 1999 Series: Minnie Mouse
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When Minnie conducts an orchestra-come-to-life, she keeps dozing off during her favorite lullaby. Fortunately, the instruments take over and wake her up!
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Minnie Mouse


Mickey MouseWorks (Season 1, Episode 10)

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From Patrick Malone :

A really cute short-short. Minnie attempts to conduct the lullabye while parts of the orchestra try to barge in and keep her awake. The music falls in nicely with the action; it's so long as to become boring, but just long enough to make it's point and go.

From J. D. Weil :


From Juan F. Lara :

This short followed the same structure as Hungarian Rhapsody #6. First they played the classical piece as it should be, then they played a jazzed up version of piece. Then they did that again. I liked Hungarian Rhapsody #6 more because the violin in that other short had a more interesting personality than the instruments in this short. Still, I liked the sight gag of Minnie taking off her glove while conducting, and the designs for thedrums and the electric guitar.

From Thomas Mulligan :

Awwww! Would you look at that? Maestro Minnie Mouse sleeping like a baby girl. Hahahaha, but Minnie is too big to sleep during a lullaby. Hahahahaha!

From David Gonterman :

The most whimsical of this set, especially with Minnie sleeping on the job. More kudos on Minnie setting her glove on auto-pilot as well. Must be something thrown into that tux.

From Lee Suggs :

A decent entry in the Maestro Minnie series. The contrast between the lullabye and the little violin's attempts to jazz it up are amusing. However, this whole concept seems forced to me. I'll be surprised if the "MouseWorks" animators continue to use it.