Maestro Minnie : William Tell Overture
Studio: Disney Television Animation Release Date : May 1, 1999 Series: Minnie Mouse
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Minnie, as the leader of an orchestra, goes on a wild west chase to rein in a rampaging trumpet.
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Minnie Mouse



Elizabeth Stonecipher

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Ladies' Night


Mickey MouseWorks (Season 1, Episode 1)

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From Rich Bellacera :

Perhaps my favorite was the Minnie short. First, I am personally happy that Minnie, after ALL these years, has finally recieved her very own short! No, she was not a co-star, or a supporting star.... I mean in the past even Figaro had his own shorts, and Minnie was always subjugated to a supporting role... No this was Minnie very first starring role! 'Nuff about that, I guess! The real reason I liked this one was because it was surreal, reminiscent of such older shorts as Bumble Boogie and Blame it on the Samba. I also really liked how, throughout the short, Minnie was painted in a 3D way. Preferably I would have liked more color and action in this short like thre was in Bumble Boogie or Blame it on the Samba, but it was still good. This one makes me look forward to the upcoming Fantasia spoof, Dance of the Goofys.

From Joe Klemm :

I agree that this is the best one of the ones in the preview. Minnie trying to conduct different musical pieces will be interesting to see once the show starts.

From John Renard :

Pretty funny, but kind of boring. It kind of rushed into the whole thing, and I sometimes wondered if it was Mickey on the guitar.

From Juan F. Lara :

At last a short with Minnie Mouse as the star. Actually, this familiar premise didn't require Minnie to be the star. But why not? I'm interested in seeing what personality Minnie develops in this series. Her reactions here were believable. She got mad with the trumpet but didn't blow her stack. And she ended the short with a big smile that I really liked.

Minnie was a toon violence victim twice (the cymbals and the sandbag). But the violence didn't cause major damage to her. That was a good decision. Cartooniness should be somewhat restrained when applied to Minnie.

This short had the weakest animation of the three, though. The animation for Minnie on the double bass was lifeless. The story was just Minnie chasing the trumpet, and then when she catches it it's over.

From Tom :

Nice to see Minnie in a staring role. Especialy since I was excpecting it to be Mickey. But otherwise fairly bland.

From Lefty Lovitz :

It is nice to see Minnie have her own short. Nice animation. Not much more to say than that.

From Lee Suggs :

As the first of the Maestro Minnie shorts you wouldn't expect it to be the best of the series. This short short is a lot of fun and Minnie gets to be aggressive and solve her own problems. Its good to see her as something other than a damsel in distress.