Studio: Warner Bros. Release Date : November 8, 2019 Series: Green Eggs and Ham

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Very Good Production, A / Stern Talking To, A / Random House Children's Entertainment / Gulfstream Television / Big Kid Pictures


The Goat spots the Chickeraffe's feather. Sam, Guy, Michellee, E.B., and Mr. Jenkins get ready to leave to Meepville together. Snerz gets interviewed for a magazine and the interviewer tells him to talk about his love of animals. When Guy spots the Goat out in the front, Sam explains that he is dangerous and convinces him to let Michellee and E.B. leave ahead without them to protect them. The Goat proceeds to attack the cabin as Guy and Sam distract him and escape with Mr. Jenkins with the Goat in hot pursuit. Snerz reveals that when he was little, he had a pet Flemur (flamingo lemur hybrid), but when he saw that it was gone and the door was left open, he blamed his mother for losing it. McWinkle and Gluntz are saddened over not finding any leads. Sam, Guy and Mr. Jenkins end up climbing a snowy mountain, where the Goat kidnaps Mr. Jenkins. The interviewer learns that Snerz hadn't called his mother for six years. Meanwhile, Michellee tells E.B. that they will never Sam and Guy again. Seeing Sam and Guy in danger gives Mr. Jenkins the courage to fight back and toss the Goat away up the mountain; allowing them to escape. The interviewer meets with Snerz's mother and learns that Snerz loved his Flemur too much and it wanted to leave which the mother complied. Snerz asks Yes-Man if the cuffs are ready for the Chickeraffe. Sam and Guy use the Goat's credit card to buy bus tickets to Stovepipe Junction, which concerns Guy. McWinkle suddenly realizes Sam's love for green eggs and ham.
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(Voice: Adam DeVine)
(Voice: Michael Douglas)



Piero Piluso


David Newman


Keegan-Michael Key


Helen Kalafatic

Executive Producer

Jared Stern
Ellen DeGeneres
Jeff Kleeman
Mike Karz
David Dobkin
Sam Register

Supervising Director

Cody Cameron
Aurian Redson


Netflix (Original broadcast network)


Green Eggs and Ham (Season 1, Episode 9)


United States

Green Eggs and Ham: The Complete First Season

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