Studio: Warner Bros. Release Date : November 8, 2019 Series: Green Eggs and Ham

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Very Good Production, A / Stern Talking To, A / Random House Children's Entertainment / Gulfstream Television / Big Kid Pictures


Sam and Guy flee with Mr. Jenkins and switch hats as a disguise. McWinkle and Gluntz, who had faked their drowning and escaped from the swamp, learn that Sam and Guy are in Prinz Pazookle. Snerz gets upset that the Chickeraffe is in Prinz Pazookle. Meanwhile, Michellee takes E.B. to see the world's smallest thermometer. When E.B. yelled her displeasure about how boring and selfish she can be, Michellee is filled with the gumption to take her to the carnival to prove her wrong. With no money, Sam and Guy resort to working at the carnival as Dave and Randy. McWinkle and Gluntz head to the destroyed diner, where a waiter tells them that Sam ordered green eggs and ham. Michellee and E.B. look around in the carnival. While Mr. Jenkins hides as a prize, Sam works at the Wheel of Insanity ride and Guy works at the Relaxation Station dunk tank. McWinkle and Gluntz head to the carnival to find Mr. Jenkins. Michellee and E.B. get on the Wheel of Insanity, just as Guy switches jobs with Sam and finds himself sending the two on a wild ride. McWinkle and Gluntz took Mr. Jenkins. Guy speaks with Michellee, who once again gets upset at him for supposedly lying to him. McWinke and Gluntz try to make off with Mr. Jenkins, but Sam and Guy rescue him. E.B. gives the two a bruckle and they ship themselves to Shvizelton with McWinkle and Gluntz in hot pursuit. As Sam and Guy switch hats back, Sam suddenly gets arrested by the cop with Guy wondering what will he do.
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(Voice: Adam DeVine)
(Voice: Michael Douglas)



Piero Piluso


David Newman


Keegan-Michael Key


Helen Kalafatic

Executive Producer

Jared Stern
Ellen DeGeneres
Jeff Kleeman
Mike Karz
David Dobkin
Sam Register

Supervising Director

Cody Cameron
Aurian Redson


Mark Rizzo


Netflix (Original broadcast network)


Green Eggs and Ham (Season 1, Episode 6)


United States

Green Eggs and Ham: The Complete First Season

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