Studio: Warner Bros. Release Date : November 8, 2019 Series: Green Eggs and Ham

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Very Good Production, A / Stern Talking To, A / Random House Children's Entertainment / Gulfstream Television / Big Kid Pictures


The playful Chickeraffe proceeds to destroy the motel room and Guy tries to sequester the creature. Sam returns to his home, a run down isolated RV, and discovers that he has the wrong suitcase. After getting a supposed earful from Snerz, Gluntz learns that McWinkle plans to retire from the B.A.D.G.U.Y.S. business, so they manage to trace it to Sam's home just as Guy figures out where he lives. Guy is confronted by the two, but is rescued by Sam, who steals their car and flees, causing McWinkle to turn his fur grey. Sam reveals that he is an animal liberator and that just like Guy is headed to Meepville. Not wanting to put up with him, Guy gets out in the middle of the desert. Meanwhile, Michellee tells E.B. that Meepville will be fun. Guy flags down Michellee's car, but she turns down picking him up, despite E.B.'s protests and Guy ends up hallucinating from the heat. He can even hear the narrator's voice and gone insane of green eggs and ham. He is rescued by Sam, who once again offers him green eggs and ham, but Guy tells him that he will not have them in the car. Guy sleeps, but awakens to see Sam and the Chickeraffe running beside the car, which is heading towards a cliff.
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(Voice: Adam DeVine)
(Voice: Michael Douglas)



Piero Piluso


David Newman


Keegan-Michael Key


Helen Kalafatic

Executive Producer

Jared Stern
Ellen DeGeneres
Jeff Kleeman
Mike Karz
David Dobkin
Sam Register

Supervising Director

Cody Cameron
Aurian Redson

Asst. Art Direction

Dennis Greco
Scott Seeto

Animation Supervisor

Mike Greenholt
T. Daniel Hofstedt


John Whittington

Storyboard Artist

Albert Calleros
Ray Nadeau

Storyboard Revisions

Peter Paul Bautista


Netflix (Original broadcast network)


Green Eggs and Ham (Season 1, Episode 2)


United States

Green Eggs and Ham: The Complete First Season

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