Studio: Warner Bros. Release Date : November 8, 2019 Series: Green Eggs and Ham

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Very Good Production, A / Stern Talking To, A / Random House Children's Entertainment / Gulfstream Television / Big Kid Pictures


In the town of Glurfsburg, a mysterious spy (later revealed to be Sam-I-Am) breaks into a zoo and liberates a Chickeraffe (chicken giraffe hybrid), a rare and endangered animal. Meanwhile, Guy-Am-I, an inventor, heads to Snerz Co.. Sam-I-Am, a cheerful person, walks down the street. Guy presents his invention, a self-flyer, so that he can win a ticket to Meepville. His invention explodes while his fellow inventors all get to go. Michellee, a literal bean counter for Snerz Co., worries over her daughter E.B. (Elanabeth), who wants a pet. She learns of the Chickeraffe's escape and plans to catch it. McWinkle and Gluntz, two mysterious "BAD GUYS", interrogate the guard of the zoo, who claims that he saw a kite, a snorkel, and a pole vault, while Hervnick Z. Snerz, the head businessman in Meepville, along with his sniveling assistant Yes-Man, wants the Chickeraffe for his rare animal collection. Guy, who gives up inventing, stops by a diner and encounters Sam, who orders his favorite dish: green eggs and ham. Despite voicing his distaste for the dish, Sam orders them for everyone in the diner. Guy ends up leaving, but accidentally takes Sam's identical briefcase. After Michellee sees the news of the Chickeraffe's escape, she prevents E.B. as they are headed to Meepville as well. Guy heads to the motel for the night. As Sam leaves the diner, he sees the cops, who are trying to locate the Chickeraffe, causing him to reveal himself as the mastermind of the theft. Guy attempts to burn Sam's briefcase in a sever state of depression, but he takes it out due to faint noises from the briefcase. He opens it and the Chickeraffe comes out.
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(Voice: Adam DeVine)
(Voice: Michael Douglas)


Netflix (Original broadcast network)


Green Eggs and Ham (Season 1, Episode 1)


United States

Green Eggs and Ham: The Complete First Season

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