The Big Egg
Studio: CINAR Release Date : December 1, 1998 Series: The Little Lulu Show

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While preparing for a race, the boys crash their racer into what looks like a dinosaur egg. To pay for the equipment they need to rebuild the racer, they take it back to their clubhouse and charge the neighborhood kids money to see a live dinosaur. Lulu and Annie decide to take a look inside, and find it is just an ordinary rock. To get back at the boys, the girls convince the boys that the "egg" hatched and is heading toward their clubhouse. They jump into their racer and end up crossing the finish line...and end up far, far away from the neighborhood in the process.


Little Lulu
(Voice: Jane Woods)
Tubby Tompkins
(Voice: Bruce Dinsmore)
Annie Inch
(Voice: Vanessa Lengies)
Iggie Inch
(Voice: Dawn Ford)
Eddie Stimson
Wilbur Van Snobbe
Alvin Jones



Joseph Mallozzi


HBO (Original broadcast network)


The Little Lulu Show (Season 3, Episode 2)

Technical Specifications

Aspect Ratio: 4 : 3 (Television)
Color Type: Color
Original Language: English
Original Country: United States

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