The Kindly Lion
Studio: Mushi Production Release Date : March 21, 1970
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Associated Studio(s)

Toyo Laboratory / Seihoku Production / Glovision / Group TAC


A rabbit brings together Buru-buru, a lion cub who has lost his mother, and Muku-muku, a dog who has lost her puppy; the two grow a very close bond, and to Muku-muku, although Buru-buru grows up to be a lion, in their hearts they are the same. One day, Buru-buru is taken away to the circus, much to Muku-muku's great sadness; there, he is a popular attraction, performing the canine tricks he learned from Muku-muku, but he has forgotten the words he was taught. One night, though, Buru-buru seems to faintly hear the lullaby Muku-muku used to sing to him; with his memories rushing back to him, he breaks out of his cage in a frenzied rage and runs away from the circus, causing an uproar throughout the town and bringing the police after him. Just as he reunites with a very old Muku-muku in the woods, he is shot down; nevertheless, his spirit continues to run on all the way up to Heaven.


Won the 1969 Noburo Ofuji Award: Best Japanese Animation

Technical Specifications

Animation Type: Standard (Hand-drawn-Cel) Animation
Original Language: Japanese
Original Country: Japan

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