Studio: Gracie Films Release Date : December 13, 2015 Series: Simpsons
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Film Roman / AKOM


In this spoof of "Boyhood", we see a chronicle of Bart's life from a small child to an accomplished young man, who discovers that his tense relationship with Homer and Lisa has shaped him more than he realizes.


Homer Simpson
(Voice: Dan Castellaneta)
Marge Simpson
(Voice: Julie Kavner)
Bartholomew JoJo “Bart” Simpson
(Voice: Nancy Cartwright)
Lisa Simpson
(Voice: Yeardley Smith)
Maggie Simpson
Abraham "Grandpa" Simpson
(Voice: Dan Castellaneta)
Nelson Muntz
(Voice: Nancy Cartwright)
Chief Clancy Wiggum
(Voice: Hank Azaria)
Milhouse van Houten
(Voice: Pamela Hayden)
Ralph Wiggum
(Voice: Nancy Cartwright)
Krusty the Clown
(Voice: Dan Castellaneta)
Disco Stu
(Voice: Hank Azaria)


Nominated for the Annie Award: Best General Audience Animated Television/Broadcast Production
Nominated for the Annie Award: Outstanding Achievement, Writing in an Animated TV/Broadcast Production (Dan Greaney)


Fox (Original broadcast network)


The Simpsons (Season 27, Episode 9)

Technical Specifications

Color Type: Color
Original Language: English
Original Country: United States

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