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Studio: Fleischer Studio Release Date : May 19, 1939 Series: Popeye
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Popeye tries to sleep, but has recurring dreams about having to compete with Bluto for Olive's affections.


(Voice: Jack Mercer)
Olive Oyl
Eugene the Jeep


Note: "Unverified" credits may not be correct and should be taken with a grain of salt.


Dave Fleischer


Willard Bowsky
George Germanetti


Jack Mercer (unverified)
Margie Hines (unverified)
Van DeBar 'Pinto' Colvig (unverified)


Max Fleischer




The Popeye Show (Season 1, Episode 4)


United States

Popeye the Sailor - Volume 2 - 1938-1940

Technical Specifications

Running Time: 7:32
MPAA No.: 2141
Animation Type: Standard (Hand-drawn-Cel) Animation
Aspect Ratio: 1.37 : 1
Color Type: Black and White
Sound Type: Mono: Western Electric Noiseless Recording
Print Type: 35mm
Negative Type: 35mm
Cinematographic Format: Spherical
Original Language: English
Original Country: United States

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From Gnik_LJN :

This nightmare-themed cartoon is one of the most surreal Fleischer Popeye cartoons, but I don't think the surreal qualities actually work that well here. The wilder earlier Fleischer cartoons, especially the ones that reflect on the spooky, creepy aspects, usually have constant shapeshifting objects maniacally dishing out jokes and slapstick with high energy, while here in this cartoon, a rock transforms into a steamroller and approaches Popeye, and gets disintegrated into pillow feathers upon impact, all in a very subdued fashion. The climax, with a multitude of deformed faces of Bluto and Olive taunting him and forming one giant laughing head, can be quite a riot on papar, but it's still sorely missing the frantic energy that A FLEISCHER CARTOON ABOUT A NIGHTMARE usually could deliver. It is quite funny, though, to see Popeye's actual actions parallel his experience in his dream, with him struggling with bedroom objects when he is being tormented by his adversaries.
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