Son of Stimpy
Studio: Spumco Release Date : January 14, 1993 Series: Ren and Stimpy
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Nickelodeon / Carbunkle Cartoons


Stimpy has his first fart, but when his newly beloved stench vanishes, Stimpy abandons Ren to scavenge the cold winter nights for his fart. Days turn into months, and Ren hopes for a Christmas miracle to reunite him with his best friend.


Stimpson J. "Stimpy" Cat
(Voice: Billy West)
Ren Höek
(Voice: John Kricfalusi)
Mr. Horse


Nickelodeon (Original broadcast network)

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Double Header (Snippet)

Cut Scenes

  • The Seasons 1 and 2 DVD release shortens the sequence with Ren and Stimpy (who is still awake) in bed and removes the scene where Ren presents his Christmas gift to a framed photo of Stimpy.
  • Since its Nickelodeon airing, the scene where Stimpy talks to a police officer to find Stinky has been removed. Although this scene was restored for the Spike/TNN broadcast, the Seasons 1 and 2 DVD, and selected international airings (including Japan).


  • Also known as "Stimpy's First Fart" during production.
  • Originally aired first on MTV in December 1992.
  • This episode was almost going to be banned, but executive producer Vanessa Coffey loved the episode so much, she prevented Nickelodeon from banning it.


Ren and Stimpy (Season 2, Episode 12)


United States

The Ren & Stimpy Show - Have Yourself a Stinky Little Christmas
Ren & Stimpy - Have Yourself a Stinky Little Christmas


United States

The Ren and Stimpy Show The First and Second Seasons

Technical Specifications

Running Time: 23:33
Animation Type: Standard Animation - Digital Ink and Paint
Aspect Ratio: 4 : 3 (Television)
Print Type: Video (NTSC)
Negative Type: 35mm
Original Language: English
Original Country: United States

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