Dante and Randal and Jay and Silent Bob and a Bunch of New Characters and Lando, Take Part in a Whole Bunch of Movie Parodies Including But Not Exclusive To, The Bad News Bears, The Last Starfighter, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Plus a High Schoo
Studio: View Askew Productions Release Date : December 14, 2002 Series: Clerks
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Dante Hicks
(Voice: Brian O'Halloran)
Randal Graves
(Voice: Jeff Anderson)
(Voice: Jason Mewes)
Silent Bob
(Voice: Kevin Smith)


Clerks (Season 1, Episode 5)


United States

Clerks: The Animated Series (Uncensored)

Technical Specifications

Running Time: 22:19
Animation Type: Standard (Hand-drawn-Cel) Animation
Aspect Ratio: 4 : 3 (Television)
Color Type: Color
Sound Type: Stereo
Original Language: English

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