Miracle on Evergreen Terrace
Studio: Gracie Films Release Date : December 21, 1997 Series: Simpsons

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Film Roman / AKOM


On Christmas Day, Bart wakes up early to opens his presents, and while playing with a toy fire truck, accidentally sets the Christmas tree on fire and buries the melted mess in the snow. When he sees his family, he lies and claims a burglar took it and the presents. Later that day, the town comes over to their house and gives them money and moral support. The Simpsons use their money to buy a car, which accidentally falls into a lake. The next day, Bart's guilt gets to him and he admits that there was no burglar. When Kent Brockman breaks the news, the town turns against them and demands their money back. After a failed attempt to earn money by going on Jeopardy!, the family returns to find that the town has taken their belongings. Marge tries to cheer her family up by saying how they are lucky to have each other. They end up fighting over a washcloth.


Homer Simpson
(Voice: Dan Castellaneta)
Marge Simpson
(Voice: Julie Kavner)
Bartholomew JoJo “Bart” Simpson
(Voice: Nancy Cartwright)
Lisa Simpson
(Voice: Yeardley Smith)
Maggie Simpson
Chief Clancy Wiggum
Abraham "Grandpa" Simpson
Jasper Beardly
Moe Szyslak
(Voice: Hank Azaria)
Barney Gumble
Ned Flanders
(Voice: Harry Shearer)
Maude Flanders
Rod Flanders
Todd Flanders
Kent Brockman
Apu Nahasapeemapetilon
Lenford "Lenny" Leonard
Carl Carlson
Mr. Charles Montgomery Burns
Krusty the Clown
Otto Mann
Comic Book Guy
Mrs. Edna Krabappel
(Voice: Marcia Wallace)
Principal Seymour Skinner
Milhouse van Houten
Dr. Julius Hibbert


Alex Trebek
(Voice: Alex Trebek)


Fox (Original broadcast network)


Twentieth Century Fox Television


The Simpsons (Season 9, Episode 10)


United States

The Simpsons: The Complete Ninth Season
The Simpsons - Christmas

Technical Specifications

Production No.: 5F07
Animation Type: Standard (Hand-drawn-Cel) Animation
Color Type: Color
Print Type: Video (NTSC)
Negative Type: 35mm
Original Language: English
Original Country: United States

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