In the Garden of Good and Eddie - Credits
Studio: Cartoon Network Studios Release Date : September 20, 2016 Series: Powerpuff Girls



Nicholas R. "Nick" Jennings
Bob Boyle

Character Design

Cheyenne Curtis
Carlos Nunez
Alison Donato

Art Direction

Eusong Lee

Animation Director

Robert Alvarez
Randy Myers

Supervising Director

Julie "Fitzy" Fitzmaurice

Color Styling

Rachel Yung

Background Painting

Tania V. Franco
Solbi Park
Clarke Snyder
Rachel Yung


Craig McCracken

Additional Writing

Jake Goldman

Background Design

Santino Lascano
Carrie Hobson

Prop Designer

Sarah Craig
Eunji Lee Roess

Storyboard Revisions

Sofia Alexander
Marco Cinello
Andy Cung
Anna Lencioni

Effects Design

Sarah Craig
Eunji Lee Roess

Digital Production Assistant

Corey Booth