Fantasia 2000 - Credits
Studio: Disney Release Date : December 31, 1999 Series: Disney Theatrical Feature
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Donald W. Ernst

Executive Producer

Roy Edward Disney

Character Animation

Andreas Deja

Supervising Animation Director

Hendel Butoy

Live-Action Director

Don Hahn

Supervising Effects Animator

Ted Kierscey

Animating Assistant

Mike Disa
Clay Kaytis
Oliver Thomas
Chadd Ferron
Peter Lepeniotis
Chris Hurtt
Mark Mitchell
Alex Tysowsky

Rough Inbetweener

Casey Coffey
Benjamin Gonzalez
Bob Persichetti
Larry R. Flores
Chris Sonnenburg
Wendie Fischer
Grant Hiestand
Kevin M. Smith
Chris Hubbard
Aliki T. Grafft
Neal Stanley Goldstein
Joe Mateo
Wes Sullivan
George Benavides
Ed Gabriel

Lead Key Asst. Animator

Merry K. Clingen
Stephen Lubin