Comments by Kuckoo24

Ready, Woolen and Able

This is, in my opinion, the best Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog cartoon. My favorite scenes are the scene where Ralph tries using ACME bedsprings, but keeps failing and the scene where Ralph keeps seeing multiple Sams. I also love the animation by Ken Harris, Ben Washam, and especially Dick Thompson. Overall, this short is worth a watch. 10/10

Tom & Jerry

I remember watching the first trailer for this film and I was so hyped for the film. Then, the film came out's alright. I will admit, when Tom and Jerry are fighting, it is pretty funny, plus the animation is actually pretty good. But the main plot about the wedding is so cliché that you'd see it in a Netflix rom-com. Plus, the acting is....mixed for me. I thought Chloë Grace Mortez was alright while everyone else was meh. It may be better than their Willy Wonka crossover, but it still shows that the cat-and-mouse duo can be better than this. 6/10

Nudnik on a Shoestring

Out of all the Nudnik cartoons I've seen (which is all of them), this one is probably my personal favorite. The gags are timed perfectly, the animation is energetic, and Nudnik himself is, as always, hilarious, all adding up to one classic cartoon that'll tickle your funny bone. Check this out along with the other Nudnik cartoons!

Stimpy's Invention

What can be said about the original Ren and Stimpy that hasn't been said? It was one of the most influential cartoons of the 90s (for better or for worse) and despite the fact that the creator is a terrible person, I still love this show, and this episode shows exactly why I love it. The writing is perfect, the animation is astounding, the jokes are hilarious, the characters are very three-dimensional, and it's just an outright perfect episode. What else to say but, happy happy joy joy! 10/10!

Rabbit Stew and Rabbits Too!

This is the only Seven-Arts cartoon I actually recommend you watch, as it's infinitely better than any other short from that era. The animation is passable, the music score by Bill Lava is actually pretty catchy, and the gags are (get this) FUNNY! Seriously, why doesn't people talk about this one, it's great! If you ever decide to watch a Seven-Arts cartoon, just watch this one, and skip the rest! 8/10

Tin Pan Alley Cats

Not gonna lie, this (along with Coal Black) might be the best of the Censored 11 shorts. Sure, you still have your stereotypical blackface in it, but still, the animation is zany (a Bob Clampett staple), the music is energetic, and the gags are hilarious, even if they are taken from Porky in Wackyland. Plus, this is the short that features one of my favorite Looney Tunes gags of all time, the literal Rubber Band! If you ever watch one Censored 11 short, it should be Coal Black, but this one is also one you should check out! 7/10

Rooty Toot Toot

Rooty Toot Toot is without a doubt, one of the best cartoons UPA ever did. The cartoon takes the classic tale of "Frankie and Johnny" and turns it into a wonderful 7-minute courtroom film-noir, with great animation that perfectly showcases the stylized look that made UPA famous, and memorable music and songs, with lyrics by Alan Alch and catchy music by Phil Moore, which was his only screen credit in film. How this didn't win the Oscar, I'll never know. Watch this cartoon and you too will be singing "Rooty Toot Toot"! 10/10