Comments by DVDLooney

Meet John Doughboy

This was hit-or-miss. Some of the gags relating to military production are pulled off in a amusing sense, whilst others just backfired. An example of some gags that do pay off rather well, would be the sequence involving the latest military invention, known as a "land destroyer". Another amusing one which pays off quite well would be the conflict between two soldiers who are being drafted. Both of them with polar opposite heights: tall and short. Needless to say, however, that gag that struck me as unappealing was "The American factory humming".

Mad as a Mars Hare

In my view, This was still a good cartoon for 1963. This cartoon demonstrates that Bugs Bunny still has some life in him as a character. Needless to say, the music isn't great, but the Warners studio didn't have a lot of budgets to work with at the time.

Porky's Super Service

I didn't particularly liked this cartoon merely due to the fact that the baby, for one reason or another, wouldn't stop bothering Porky. I genuinely sympathize with Porky here.

The Pied Piper of Guadalupe

This is by no means the world's greatest cartoon, but if you're going to watch it for Freleng's talent, it is a perfect example. It's got Sylvester, a fairy tale parody, Mexico, and hilarious slapstick all in one....Freleng traits for sure. Plus, it's one of the best Speedy Gonzales cartoons. The ending always makes me laugh, with Speedy leading the cat down the road by his music-loving leg cast. I deeply love this one.

Devil's Feud Cake

1963 wasn't a great year for Warner Bros. cartoons and they were in one of the twilight years of their original studio. Unarguably the worst Bugs Bunny short ever made primarily because it was a cheater (re-using footage from past Bugs Bunny shorts). However, compared to "Hare Breadth-hurry", in my opinion, the saving grace for short is the plot which is when Yosemite Sam meets the head devil.

See Ya Later Gladiator

In response to PopKorn Kat's comment, I do agree that See Ya later, Gladiator was pretty bad. The character designs were bad, the animation was sloppy, and the music was bad. If you compare this, or any of Alex Lovy's Daffy/Speedies, to, say, a classic Freleng Speedy or even a 1965-67 McKimson Daffy/Speedy, there is a marked difference. Needless to say, however, I think that all of the "Daffy & Speedy" cartoons up until 1967 were decent.

Feather Finger

I beg to differ with people who dislike this one. I might be in the minority, but I think that it's one of the best Daffy/Speedy cartoons, because Daffy has a peg on which to harm Speedy Gonzales that fits his character.... He is poor and desperate to do anything to make a quick buck. The animation is also pretty good for a 1960's cartoon too.