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Welcome to Doozy

I just saw this for the first time, and this NEEDS to be a series. I believe the future of this kind of stuff is streaming. Very unique in it's own way.

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls

OK, I guess it's time to come out of the closet; I like this movie/series. I like this BETTER than Friendship is Magic. Yes, it was a corporate decision, and it received some backlash saying, "OMG, they sexualized the ponies, how dare they do this!!!" However, the truth is that this is to be set up as a different series. While retaining the same names, personalities, colors, and voices, these are NOT THE SAME CHARACTERS AS IN FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC! The only one the same is Twilight Sparkle, who came across to the human world to get her crown back. Eventually, a different version of Twilight Sparkle (who fans call, Sy-Twi) would appear in the series while Princess Twilight Sparkle stayed behind in Ponyville. The crew that worked on Friendship is Magic are also staffed on here. Yes they did have to appeal to girls, yes they had to appeal to Hasbro, but other than that, they were given the same creative freedom to do whatever they wanted. This became more apparent later on in the series. It's not a masterpiece, but it is a fun enjoyable little film, and if you like it, 3 more movies, 4 specials, plus tons of shorts follow.

My Old Kentucky Home

There were two versions of this cartoon. One has the ending with the lady on a train, while the other (which I don't condone but it's history) is the lady with a black person pulling the wagon using a watermelon. And it's also claimed to be the first sound cartoon pre-dating Disney a couple of years (though the Ko-Ko Song Cartoons were never widespread under Red Seal Productions).

Charlie Brown's Christmas Tales

Not as great as the classic A Charlie Brown Christmas, but a nice collection of moments from the comic strip such as Sally "falling down" a Christmas tree and the girl who changes her name everyday.

A Tale of Two Santas

If you thought nothing comes close to the first Xmas one, you're sadly mistaken. Like the first one, this is a very clever episode with Bender posing as Santa to try and restore the original Santa Claus that brings gifts but ends up being hated due to Robot Santa's reputation. "While there's nothing in the box, the message is clear: Play Santa again, and I'll KILL YOU next year!" Merry Xmas everybody!!!

Snow Time

I actually saw this one as a kid. My library teacher had old cartoon tapes he showed us. That said, I believe this was one a public domain tape of some sort even though it isn't in the public domain. Basically it's about how snow is made.

Mississippi Swing

A very offsetting cartoon for some because of the creepy stereotypes of African Americans. It's even more offsetting when you think about how they were treated in real life during the era where the cartoon takes place. Many of these specific cartoons tend to be unfunny and bland (the only exceptions are Coal Black and All This and Rabbit Stew as well as Mammy Two Shoes in Tom and Jerry). That said, it was commonplace at the time of this cartoon, and I don't think anyone meant any harm by it. It's also important to have a discussion about it rather than covering it up and erasing history (not necessarily airing it on Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network, but just seeing it in a proper manner), because if we do hide it, we are doomed to repeat history again....just like now......

Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling

An excellent Rocko's Modern Life special. It's basically a reboot special about Rocko trying to bring back a cartoon he liked from the 90's as a reboot special. How Meta. The show is also very progressive as it didn't shy away about acceptance for the LGTB community. I highly recommend this special even if you're not a major fan of Rocko, which I am not.

Forgotten Friendship

This is the best Equestria Girls special. Sunset Shimmer has to find out who erased everyone's good memories of her before it's too late. It has a couple of great songs including "Invisible", and we learn more about who Trixie is plus we're introduced to a new character, Wallflower Blush. Sadly, it seems Wallflower only appears in this special and no other episodes save for a cameo. Edited for the Discovery Kids broadcast, it is uncut and split into 5 segments on Youtube.

Lonesome Lenny

Great cartoon. I remember it well from when I was a kid. I enjoyed when the dog tells us "Watch this trick this." That was pretty cool. "Gee I wish I had a little friend to play with. You know, I had a little friend, but he don't move no more." Sad ending, isn't it?

The Legend of Dratini

Censored from the North American release due to use of guns and Meowth dressed up as Hitler. The episode itself is innocent: Ash, Misty, Brock, and Pikachu go to a Pokemon ranch and ends up finding a rare Dratini that Team Rocket wants to capture then gets thwarted. However, throw in some guns to the head by some crazed gun loving nut job, and it ends up on the top banned Pokemon episodes.

Sailor Moon R: The Movie

This is the absolute best Sailor Moon movie EVER!!!! If you are unfamiliar with Sailor Moon and wanna watch this first instead of starting from episode 1, DO IT!!!! It is AMAZING!!! You learn why Sailor Moon is such a special anime and a special character alongside her friends and teammates Sailors Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, and (my favorite) Venus, and later in the series Chibi Moon, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Ikuhara is an underrated anime director. Some say he is the lost Warner Bros. director because of his interesting directions of his anime, especially with relationships....a trick he used in Sailor Moon-Sailor Moon Super S (ESPECIALLY Super S) followed by Revolutionary Girl Utena, Penguindrum, Yuri Kuma Arashi, and Sarazamai (the later two view at your own discretion). Go see it. It may still be online for free officially, man Go! Stop reading this and watch it already, or in the name of the moon, I'll punish you!

Scout's Dishonor

While some fans may think these are terrible cartoons or that they are very cheap, it should be noted that even the original Walter Lantz shorts were done on a budget. Ten of these shorts were made for Youtube, and the reason they were made was due to the realization that Woody Woodpecker is beloved in foreign countries. More specifically Spain and Brazil. Two of these shorts featured Woody in Brazil for the first time. It's always big to see iconic classic characters come back in a good way. This short is one of my favorites. It may be very routine, but you have Knothead and Splinter who makes fun of Woody's fails. It is believed that they tried to base Woody's niece and nephew off of how they were in the animated cartoons.

Little Lost Pony

The debut episode of Gumby's pal Pokey. Also the debut of The Blockheads. Another fun episode from the early days of Gumby.

Unfair Science Fair Redux

Another fun episode of Phineas and Ferb. Includes the song, "Queen of Mars"


We watched this one in 5th grade over and over again during our time learning about The Constitution. As eluded to in another comment, the result is knowing the Preamble by this catchy tune, which is what Schoolhouse Rock is best known for. The only mistake is that the beginning says "We the People in order to form a more perfect union". It should say "We the People of the United States in order to form a more perfect union."


The very first cartoon from the new Paul Terry studio now called Terrytoons. Farmer Al Falfa (not featured here) would be carried over from Aesop Studio's Fables series (now renamed Van Beuren after the split between the two producers) and would appear in the newer Terrytoon series since he was Paul Terry's baby anyways. The series would eventually introduce new characters like Kiko the Kangaroo, Puddy the Pup, and Gandy Goose, and would also birth its two most popular series, Heckle and Jeckle, and its most beloved series....Super Mouse later renamed Mighty Mouse. Caviar did not appear in any CBS television package, so consider this a rare cartoon, especially since its current copyright holders have no interest in Terrytoons at this time.

Fandom Pains

One of my favorite episodes. Lucy is my favorite Loud, and it shows why. There is a plot hole when she talks about Leni and Lori must drink "fresh human blood" then Lori makes beat smoothies in its place. Well, it's not denying that it's real blood.

Funny Business

This episode is infamous for using a minor character named Maggie, who Lincoln tries to perform for her birthday party, but fails miserably until Luan helps him. This was her only appearance, but lives on in an unfortunate way. Because Luan and Lincoln was able to make her smile in the end, some fans began shipping Luan and Maggie (please for the love of God do not google it). At any rate, it's a great episode. Luan is starting to become one of my favorites.

A Coy Decoy

There was a time between 1969 through around 1989 when this was considered one of the worst Looney Tunes ever made. This was because the Porky Pig and Friends package at that time only offered the redrawn colorized version of this one, and out of all the Looney Tunes redrawn, this one has been considered the worst job that they did. Fortunately for Merrie Melodies starring Bugs Bunny and Friends and all TV packages it appeared on following it, a new computer colorized version was made, and the original uncut black and white version has since appeared on DVD, renewing the respect of it being a great cartoon it deserves.

Pre-Hysterical Hare

By far the worst Bugs Bunny cartoon ever made by the studio. It's pretty bad. Dave Barry as Elmer Fudd, the Capitol Records music cues, and a very meh plot combines a recipe for disaster.

While Strolling in the Park

Very cute segment of The Alvin Show (the best version of The Chipmunks in my opinion). It's interesting about how Simon talks about the "goofy machine" that makes the instruments play because boy does the word, "Nickelodeon", has an entirely different meaning today.